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Drum Skin - VA-0114-00


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14 inch Batter,Vint Ambassador,Coat

The first Weatherking Drum was made from newly introduced DuPont Mylar. 7mm and 3mm fold films were combined to form the first Ambassador drumhead. It was the skin that changed the sound of the world. The Vintage A Drumheads feature the durability of the Ambassador with a unique soft feel reminiscent of calf heads with a snare response accented for backbeats, ghost notes, brushes and press rolls. with a soft feeling.

  • Provides focused mid range tones and soft feel
  • 7.5-mil and 3-mil Coated films combined into a durable 2-ply construction
  • The most versatile Tom and Snare drumhead in the industry
  • Available in sizes 8" - 18"
  • Diplomat® feel, Emperor® tone, and Ambassador® durability